East End Veterinary Center offers a wide variety of emergency and specialty services that provide support to your pet when he or she needs it most.


Medical Boarding

If your pet has a medical condition, you may find it difficult to find the care and attention necessary for your furry family member. East End Veterinary Center is proud to offer the only medical boarding service in Eastern Suffolk County. As a specialty center with 24/7 emergency services, we have the ability to offer specialized, medical boarding for pets who have maintained medical needs. The quality and compassionate care of your pet is our number one priority.

Medical boarding accommodations are available for pets with the following conditions:

  • Pets recovering from surgery or illness who require routine medication and monitoring
  • Pets who require the administration of oral medications
  • Stable diabetic pets
  • Pets with stable heart conditions
  • Epileptic pets
  • Pets undergoing cancer treatment
  • Pets recovering from an injury who require cast/bandage care
  • Senior pets who need extra monitoring for emerging health conditions

If you have any questions about our medical boarding service please give us a call at 631-369-4513.

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