Our History

The vision for East End Veterinary Center was born of two doctors: Dr Rick Rothman and Dr. Gal Vatash.

After working together for some time, they saw a need for an emergency veterinary facility on the east end of Long Island. They felt that the animal community was being underserved in this area without the presence of an emergency-geared animal hospital and knew that they wanted to be a part of the change.

The two doctors turned their dreams into a reality when they started East End Veterinary Center (EEVC) in 2000. Initially,  EEVC was only comprised of Dr. Rothman and Dr. Vatash, working nights and weekends to support the animal community during times when local family veterinarians were not available. As word of their quality of care and commitment to patients spread, their staff began to expand and soon the hospital was open 24/7.  Specialist veterinarians were also added to the team in 2006, expanding the service offerings available to the local pet community.

Today, East End Veterinary Center is an around-the-clock emergency and specialty care hospital with highly experienced staff, state-of-the-art medical equipment, and unmatched quality of care.

Through dedication to patients, close client-staff relationships, and a focus on cohesive care coordination with family veterinarians in the community, Dr. Vatash and Dr. Rothman turned a small, two-veterinarian operation into the comprehensive specialty and emergency animal hospital it is today.