Critical Care Authorization

  • Critical Care Authorization

    Your pet has been presented in a critical or life-threatening state.

    The initial cost of minimal Critical Care Stabilization can be between $350-400. This includes the Emergency Room Consultation Fee. WHICH IS DUE UPON RECEIPT OF SERVICES.

    This is for initial stabilization ONLY.

    The veterinarian on duty will speak to you as soon as possible and will provide you with a written estimate of expected charges for continued care.

  • I, the owner/agent of _________, wish to initiate/continue critical care treatment. I understand that with any medical procedure there are risks involved and I accept these risks. I assume FULL FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY for all charges related to the treatment of my pet.

    I, the owner/agent of _________, DO NOT wish to have any further critical care provided until I have spoken with the doctor and have been provided with an estimate of all expected charges. I understand this decision may delay critical care treatment that may be necessary to save the life of my pet and assume all risks.