Can I visit with my pet while he or she is staying at East End for care?

February 23, 2017

As pet owners and animal lovers ourselves, we recognize and appreciate the role our pets play in our lives. We encourage visitation not only due to its positive effect pets and their owners, but also since we are proud of the quality of care we administer and we would like for you, the owner to witness it and to go home knowing that your beloved pet is in good, caring hands. Due to emergencies and the unpredictable nature of veterinary medicine, we cannot set a regular visitation schedule. While the client waiting area may look vacant at times, pets are being cared for in our ICU constantly. If you wish to visit with your pet, please call prior to your arrival to ensure that a staff member is available to accompany you. Once you arrive,  we will do all that we can to accommodate you as soon as possible. Visitation is limited to 2 family members at a time and up to 15 minutes per visit so that stress and stimulation can be limited during this sensitive time of recovery. Visitation of children under the age of 10 is discouraged; yet, can be arranged upon special request.