How to Prepare for Your Pet to Be Boarded

June 27, 2018

How to Prepare for Your Pet to Be Boarded

Do you worry about where your pet will stay when you need to leave town? As a pet owner, that can be a very common concern. East End knows how hard it can be to leave your pet behind, so we have some advice for you to help your pet feel more comfortable while you are away.

Preparing Your Pet for Boarding

To prepare your pet for a boarding stay, you can take them to visit the facility before their stay. This will help them get used to the sounds and smells. If the facility offers daycare, send your dog for a daycare stay and speak to the staff about how your pet behaved during the stay. Since most facilities don’t have daycare for cats, it can be more difficult to help your cat get used to the facility before a stay. You can also do a trial run where your pet just stays overnight for a day or two, which can help your pet be more prepared for a longer stay in the future.

Make sure that your pet knows basic commands before boarding them. This could help protect your pet and others that are caring for your pet while you’re away. If your pet doesn’t do well with unfamiliar people or animals or doesn’t know basic commands, check in with your family veterinarian for some canine training classes in your area.

Pet boarding can be very stressful for animals that have anxiety around other animals or new and unfamiliar people. If you need to help your pet relax before a stay at a boarding facility,   can help. East End’s acupuncture techniques can help your pet feel less anxiety by relaxing the muscles and releasing endorphins.

What to Send with Your Pet When Boarding

Pets often do better when their diets are consistent. For this reason, it is a good idea to send your pet’s food with them to the boarding facility. Sending your pet’s regular food with them can prevent gastrointestinal issues during their stay and make them more comfortable.

If your pet has a hard time being away from home, send something from home with them. A favorite toy or blanket can make a stay at a boarding facility much easier for your pet. You can even pack special treats for your cat or dog.

East End is proud to offer boarding and daycare services through its Chateau Des Paws facility. At Chateau Des Paws, we have the ability to care for pets with medical needs as well as those who just need a place to stay. We have custom-made bedding that will keep your pet comfortable, and our playtime will ensure that your pet has a fun-filled stay while you are away.

To schedule a tour with Chateau Des Paws or to board your pet, call us at 631-591-0412. Feel confident with our specially trained staff who know how to spot emergency situations to make sure that all pets in our care are safe the entire duration of their stay.

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