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Pet Boarding, Hotel & Daycare

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The perfect home away from home

Going on vacation and your furry friend cannot come along? You can still treat your pet to a vacation at Chateau Des Paws, East End Veterinary Center’s premier pet boarding and daycare facility, located conveniently within our hospital in Riverhead, NY. Chateau Des Paws offers a variety of boarding options – all with roomy bedroom suites, custom-made bedding, and plenty of space for playtime and fun!

Canine Overnight Boarding

Give your dog the ultimate experience in luxury pet hotel boarding. Our trained staff members love dogs and will spend hours playing with and exercising your furry friend. Pets can enjoy playtime in our roomy indoor play area or get some fresh air in a securely fenced outdoor play area. Each guest will receive orthopedic bedding and frequent walks.

Canine Daycare

A great choice for owners that can’t bear to leave their pets home alone while they’re at work. Pets receive the same great care as our overnight guests and have the option to choose between a full daycare visit (up to 12 hours) or a half-day daycare visit (less than 6 hours).

Feline Overnight Boarding

We know boarded cats have different needs than dogs which is why we have a feline-only section of Chateau Des Paws! Your cat can rest comfortably in a quiet environment free from barking dogs and always have accessible windows to birdwatch from. Our kitty condos have multiple levels and separate areas for their litter box.

Medical Boarding

If your pet has a medical condition that requires extra care, we offer medical boarding at East End Veterinary Center. This is a great option for pets with recent surgeries, diabetes, heart conditions, seizure disorders, and many other circumstances. Medical boarders are cared for and monitored 24/7 by trained medical staff and overseen by our emergency doctors. Click here to visit our medical boarding service page. Or contact us at 631-369-4513 for reservations or more information.

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