Boarding Options at East End Veterinary Center

June 5, 2019

Boarding Options at East End Veterinary Center

Whether you are heading out of town on vacation, want daily socialization and play time for your pooch, or need a little extra help with your pet’s medical needs, East End Veterinary Center (EEVC) can help. EEVC is home to Chateau Des Paws, a premier pet boarding and day-care facility.

Chateau Des Paws daycare

Do you wonder what your pet does all day while you are at work? Do you dread leaving every morning, envisioning your dog staring at the door, waiting for your return? Does your pet suffer from separation anxiety and exhibit destructive behaviors when you leave him home alone? Chateau Des Paws daycare offers a fun, interactive alternative to boring days at home. Drop your pet off on your way to work for exciting days filled with playtime and socialization in our roomy facility. He will greet you thankfully when you return at the end of the day, and will anxiously await his next visit. Here are a few benefits of dog daycare:

  • Reduced boredom means a reduced likelihood of chewing or other destructive behaviors
  • Regular bathroom breaks while you are at work
  • Increased socialization
  • Adequate exercise

Chateau Des Paws pet hotel

Chateau Des Paws also houses a premier pet hotel for extended visits. If your vacation plans don’t include your pet, reserve one of our luxury bedroom suites where he can lounge on custom-made bedding or spend his time playing with other pets, enjoying his own vacation. Our caretakers are trained in safe handling techniques and to recognize the warning signs of unexpected illness, and EEVC’s nearby veterinary team ensures your beloved companion will be cared for, even in an unplanned emergency. To schedule a tour of the only pet hotel and day-care facility in eastern Suffolk County, contact us at or 631-591-0412.

EEVC medical boarding for pets

Trained care for your pet with special medical needs can be hard to find, but EEVC offers specialized medical boarding for your best friend. While Chateau Des Paws is intended for healthy pets, our specialty center, with 24/7 emergency services, can care for pets with a variety of medical needs, including:

  • Stable diabetic pets who need insulin injections and food intake monitoring
  • Epileptic pets who require seizure monitoring and oral medication administration
  • Pets with stable heart, kidney, or liver disease
  • Pets undergoing cancer treatment requiring oral medications (not including chemotherapy)
  • Pets with a bandage or cast that requires monitoring
  • Senior pets who need extra patience and loving care

cat with vet

If you are leaving town, or want peace of mind knowing your furry friend is cared for throughout the workday, EEVC’s compassionate care may be the answer. Our veterinary team will make your pet’s health their top priority as they care for him as you would.

If you have questions about our medical boarding services, contact us at or 631-369-4513.